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"Warm moments on cold days"

is the motto of Steinbach LLC. We create hot winter drinks that can be enjoyed wonderfully in winter landscapes, Christmas markets, or simply at home while winter grilling. While our Mulled Beer by Steinbach is already widely popular in Europe, it is a unique novelty in the United States that also tastes delicious and warms you up - CHEERS!


is a cherished delight in cold places like ski resorts, winter events and Christmas markets. It is already well-known in Europe and is sure to become THE NEW WINTER DRINK

for the US.



Dark red in color

Smooth and aromatic in taste

Fragrant and flavorful with notes of cherries

Served hot

Not too sweet

Simply delicious!

German beer, fruit beer, beer mixed drink

Dark cherry red

Fruity-sweet with pronounced spices

4.9% ABV (Alcohol by Volume)


60% Bock beer (water, barley malt, hops), 40% soft drink (water, sugar, carrot concentrate (for color), carbon dioxide, citric acid (acidifier), cherry juice concentrate, flavor).

Glühwein Pyramid
"Tradition is mandatory for us."

As one of the leading manufacturers of traditional folk art from the Erzgebirge region, we have been gaining experience in the American market for over 60 years. In addition to our famous Steinbach nutcrackers, we strive to live and spread German traditions in America. This includes Christmas markets that we promote in the USA.

At these markets, we have been very successful in selling our specially brewed Steinbach Mulled Beer. The mulled beer mix quickly gained popularity and has become a top-selling product.


With our Mulled Beer by Steinbach, we can warm every heart and bring the trend to your hospitality business. Brewed with high-quality ingredients in Germany and specially tailored to the needs of businesses with winter gastronomy, our Hot.Cherry.Beer mulled beer mix is a hot beverage that makes a difference.



You want to partner with us and get some cool Hot-Drinks.

2296 Henderson Mill Rd NE, #116

Atlanta, GA 30345

470-372-16 84

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